Monday, November 17, 2003

Don't Throw Jesus Away!

When I was young, my grandmother gave me a framed print of Jesus. I think it hung in my bedroom for a while, and I have kept it since then, even though my faith has wanned a bit. I gave it to my daughter who had it hanging on her bed for a while, then it ended up on the floor of her room with everhthing else.

We have been working on organizing her room and came across Jesus. My daughter, for some reason, decided to take the print of Jesus downstairs, and dropped it on the dinning room floor. Since this was from the 1950's it was not made of plastic, but glass. The glass shattered and left large jagged pieces in the frame. I tried to remove the pieces over the trash can in the kitchen. My daughter came in and cried, "Mom! Don't throw Jesus away!" I assured her that I was just making Jesus safe for her to carry around. She recalled the time it fell from her wall and hit her on the head and was glad that the glass didn't break then.

My husband came in and wondered why I was throwing Jesus away. I explained the situation to him and he said that now was the time I discover the thousands of dollars my grandmother had hidden under the print. (He is a fan of the television series, Beyond Belief).

My son, walking through the kitchen was attracted to the glass shards in the waste basket, but also had a comment, "Mom, don't throw Jesus away."

I wondered if it would have been better had I just thrown Jesus away and gone about my business. My answer came seconds later in the form of a splinter of glass in the index finger of my left hand...Yep, I should have thrown Jesus away.

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