Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Christmas was good. We stayed at Kevin and Diana's house in Batavia instead of at Mom and Dad's. It was a good change from the usual routine and Kevin and I never once fought. In fact last night I dreamed we were buying a house with him and we were all going to live together. That would be interesting!

We met Savannah, Leanne's baby. She is very sweet. Leanne invited us to her home in Kingston, Illinois for pizza one evening. It was a nice evening. We played Andrew's new "The Farming Game" with Diane and Carol. Then Ruth wanted to go home with her son, Danny and all hell broke loose. He felt he was being ignored and he ended up calling us "a bunch of Dumbshits". Clare was upset that we didn't remind him that there were children present. It put a sour end to our otherwise nice time.

I didn't get to see my Aunt Ginny much, being so far away from Elgin. There always seems to be things that get in the way of visiting with her. I wish she would come and visit sometime. Just her. I imagine she is a little "gun shy" of visiting after her last trip out here. I was a primo bitch. No excuses.