Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Once again I didn't see Ike Reilly Live

We don't get out much. Parenthood is like that. When we do sometimes things happen.

Like Saturday night. I wanted to see a band I have begun listening to. They are from Illinois and they don't get out here much.

They got to the venue (a dive bar) in DC late and argued with the management who told them to leave.

We left (and got back our cover - glad we did because they didn't even pay the band as it turns out)

This article was in the Post this morning...

From The Washington Post

They Like Ike, to the Tune of $700
• The kindness of strangers: After a Chicago pub-rock band called the Ike Reilly Assassination got into a squabble Saturday night over its place on the bill at the Velvet Lounge on U Street, the management told the musicians to hit the road before showtime. But as frontman Ike Reilly, his mates and road crew were about to leave unhappy and unpaid, two fans who witnessed the bum's rush went over and introduced themselves. They gave the band $500 to make up for the lost gig fee, Reilly said, and treated the seven ejectees to a $200 dinner in Bethesda.

Introducing themselves only as "Paul" and "Matt," the good Samaritans kept saying, "Don't give up on punk rock in D.C.," Reilly recalled yesterday to Post special correspondent Dave McKenna. Asked if he would ever bring the band back to the Velvet Lounge, the rocker said: "If I can go there again and not play and make $700, I guarantee I'll book it."

Ha! I made special arrangements to see this band and was there that night. I heard what happened - they showed up late and wanted to be first in the lineup (as they were billed), but the management told them no. They told me that the band got kicked out of the club.

I was very upset since I have wanted to see them play for over a year and finally was able to go to the show. I looked for the band, but figured they had talked to the venue on the phone. I don't think I would have given them $500 though. Would have gone to dinner with the band and maybe chipped in for their food. I'd like to meet these Matt and Paul guys.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Photo of Frances

Frances "Birdbath" Lide

I was surprised and delighted today to receive a comment on my entry about Frances Lide. I thought I was the only one who sometimes "Googled" her name, just to see what was out there.

This is the photo I mentioned in the first entry about Frances. It was taken by a neighbor, Ken, and given to me at Frances' memorial service. In the background is a caricature drawn by a colleague at the Washington Evening Star newspaper. I vaguely remember the story about how Frances had written an article about birds or birdbaths and was given the nickname "Birdbath" by her colleagues.

I love how, in the photo, Frances seems to be looking directly in the viewer's eyes, listening to every word the viewer may be saying. So much like the Frances I remember.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Dream

Last night I dreamed we moved to a large brown brick Georgian style home on a corner of a posh neighborhood in London. Pedestrian gates marked the entrance to the neighborhood and in the dream I took great pleasure in that fact.

The house had two staircases, one in front and one in back that led to the kitchen. I don't remember the kitchen at all, perhaps I didn't go in it in the dream, but I do remember the entryway. It was huge with warm wood paneling on the walls. We had enough room for the bench I would love to buy, but discussed putting a half circular table against the wall instead. We would also place a dish my husband brought me from Africa that would be the key catch all.

The bedrooms were large and inviting. Ours had many nooks that I didn't have time to explore. The house also had extra bedrooms and in a corner of a hallway was a built in cozy bench, perhaps for reading or even extra sleeping area for company. The upholstery was in need of repair, but even that did not subtract from the magic of the house.

Walking up one of the staircases and looking up, one saw huge simply carved dark wooden beams. I remarked to my husband in the dream that I was completely content now that I had this beautiful home.

On the roof I noticed that a neighbor child had walked up the steps and when I asked her what I could do for her, she replied that she lost her key in this house and would we help her find it. We searched, but could not find it.

A final memory of this dream was walking down the back staircase and finding a small opening in the bottom of the wainscoting that had a sort of door. It was below a window that had been covered up by a pantry or something (perhaps I did go in the kitchen after all) and light came from the opening. I opened the small door and found a yellowed note with a message from a child that once lived in the home. It was addressed to me and my husband and decorated with designs of a fantasy nature.

I awoke twice during this dream, but willed myself to go back to sleep and visit the home again. It was hard making myself get out of bed this morning because I wanted to go back to this place. I was disappointed when I awoke and remembered that we had not moved.