Sunday, July 08, 2001

July 8th. Amazing. If I was teaching I would be depressed thinking that the summer was rushing by. But I am not a teacher. Anymore.

We had an interesting 4th of July. We cleaned house. Now the downstairs office is tidy. We went to the fireworks on the mall. Except the only fireworks we saw was rain. We were all soaked to our underwear and cold. We decided to leave the mall about 30 minutes before the fireworks started. Andrew was pretty upset.

Last night we saw the fireworks in Alexandria. Much warmer, dryer and lower key. We ate at Generous George's Positive Pizza and Pasta Place. Yum.

Sunday, July 01, 2001

Thought I would upkeep this more. I plan on sending the url to some friends and family if I do keep it up to date.

Work is hectic lately. I had to quit some volunteer stuff I was doing. My biggest problem is that I have a hard time saying no. And I want to be involved with lots of things. However there is not enough time in a day to do it all.

Talked to Mom yesterday. Told her I forgave her for not being specific about the facts of life when I was a kid. (I asked her a specific question and she wouldn't answer it.) See, Clare asked me the same question at Joan's the other night. I couldn't answer, and ended up giving her the same answer, sort of, that my mom did...that we would buy her a book. I always thought I would be ready to answer that question. Won't get more specific here. Mom and I had a good laugh over the situation.

Dean is painting Clare's room. Pink. She wants pink. That would have bothered me a few years ago, but hey, she likes pink.