Sunday, October 22, 2006

Video of Kennedy in Elgin - 1960

JFK in Elgin, Illinois

When John F. Kennedy was on the campaign trail in 1960, he stopped in Elgin, Illinois. My grandfather took the above footage of this visit.

An Internet search discovered that a White House photographer, Stanley Tretick, took a photo there that day and that photo is contained in a traveling exibition of Tretick's work. (There is a photographer on the podium with Kennedy a couple of times - could this be Mr. Tretick?)

The caption of the photo reads:

John F. Kennedy during his presidential campaign, 1960. Out-stretched hands reach for Kennedy in Elgin, Illinois.
Silver Gelatin Print
Frame Size: 20 x 16
© The Estate of Stanley Tretick/15
I found this photograph on the Internet, but am not sure it is the one described above, but it could well be.

The reason I am not sure is because of the man in the light suit - (LBJ?) is not in the video on the podium, but he might be in the car at the end of the video.

What do you think?