Thursday, June 21, 2001

It is appropriate that I begin this blog on the day section 508 was to have come into effect.

Last night I finally met Sophie. She was 6 weeks old to the day. I have decided that my favorite smell is new baby.

Went to a meeting in DC today about creating accessible PDF files using Adobe's newest Acrobat product. I am not sure I learned a whole lot, will have to check it out at work.

After the workshop I was walking back to the metro and saw a lot of activity over by the DC Courthouse. I wondered what was up, but figured I would see it on the news. Then a black truck left the courthouse with reporters running after it. Later I learned that it was the parents of Shaundra Levy leaving the DC police headquarters after talking to them. Saw that exact scene on the news tonight.

For the past several months I have been learning about website accessibility. Today I began reading (and understanding) usability issues.

Tonight is Book group. Didn't read the book. But it is at Debra's and I don't want to miss it. Dean and the kids are on their way home from camping.