Friday, October 29, 2004

My secret Sidekick II

I have a secret that I have been keeping from the world. But now is the time to share.

I have owned the Sidekick II for several years. I don't recall exactly which year I obtained it, but it has been at least a decade.

I had actually forgotten I had one, until the other day when I got it out to use, then realized what it was! It has a feature that the new Sidekick II doesn't have. It can clean your floor*. The fact that it cannot do it wirelessly is a different matter, that, and the fact that I cannot phone or IM anyone with it...

My Secret Sidekick II

For comparison, here is the back of the newer version - the one that won't clean your floor or upolstry.

Back of new Sidekick II

*This vacuum attachment came with our Electrolux vacuum cleaner. It is intended for use on the steps or your couch. It is not recommended you hold it up to your ear, especially when plugged in.

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